Amor seems to be responding to MMS

I took Amor to the mall. Today I was more confident, it’s day 9 since starting MMS. I’ve noticed she is more calm and understands/follows instructions better. Usually, her biggest challenge (or my biggest challenge when I’m with her) is her transitioning issues/flexibility. It’s usually hard getting her to go home at the end.

However, today Amor was good. She looked at toys but I eventually steered her away to get some groceries. On the way home she said, “Hey, look at that!” I though, “Oh no, should I move on and keep walking like I didn’t hear her? I’ll never get her home if she really likes what she ‘s seeing.” It was a car ride. I was brave enough to allow her to ride. I even gave her a dollar to drive. Amazing after her ride, I told her it was time to go. Still allowing her full control (son-rise way), I offered that she could stay if she wanted. She decided to come home with me…thank goodness.

Furthermore, while walking to and from the mall, she corrected her steps when I reminded her to “roll your feet.” Otherwise, she unconsciously tip-toe walks.