More cognitive gains

So much cognitive gains for Nathan this week. When he asks for things he now adds so much detail: pink spiky ball, green guitar, fish bottle, want to eat broccoli (or meat) only, etc. He knows and tells us exactly what he wants.

For choice questions he used to simply answer by echoing the last choice given to him. This time, he will think about the choices and answer appropriately. That’s especially if the choices are tangible and not hard to grasp concepts.

When the ball fell under his bed he said, “Where’s the ball?” That’s his first unprompted where question.

He’s also moving around more. He can finally ride his car on his own now and somewhat propel it too. Aside from autism, Nathan has issues walking and balancing (cerebral palsy).

When I told him that his son-rise volunteer was coming he got excited and said, “I want Tita Pam now please.” Wish I had the powers to beam her in when that happened.

During their session, as with recent sessions, Nathan moved around the room a lot and explored different activities. On the past, Nathan would only stick to one or few things to do for the whole son-rise session.

It’s exciting imagining what this year will bring us.