Jay Samar

1.  What do you think about special kids?

In retrospect,1  I use to have a preconceived notion that children with special needs has no set of skills and abilities. That they should be institutionalized. Until I had an encounter with a child with special needs. That encounter opened my mind and altered my belief system. Now I have been working with children that are differently abled for more than ten years.


2.  What was your impression of special needs kids before and after working with Nathan (and/or Amor)? (if anything changed).

There was really nothing much different with my impression towards Nathan or Amor when compared with  my other students. However, what struck me was the kind of love and support that they are receiving from their family and the community around them. Nathan and Amor’s spirit are fueled by the  hope that their family have. A hope the celebrates every single success no matter how big or small it may be.


3.  How will your experience with Nathan (and/or Amor) affect your next encounter with a special needs child.

After working with Nathan, I can only hope that each child with special needs will also have the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and nurturing environment created by people around them.