Seeing autism with a new lens

When I first read Bear Kaufman’s “Son-Rise The Miracle Continues”, I was fascinated that they celebrated the echolalia of their once autistic son, Raun. For them Raun was trying his very best to grasp our language. Echoing words, like a parrot, was the best way to do it!

At that time, Nathan was becoming echolalic. My beliefs were totally different. As I listened to his echolia (what was meaningless sets of words from my point of view), I was dreading that autism was dawning on us. It seemed Nathan’s future was becoming more bleak as he showed more signs of autism.

The Son-Rise Program has turned my beliefs and fears around.

Today, I hear Nathan scripting a Q&A:
“Does Yeishen smell like Elmo?…
Yeishen smells like Elmo!”
I think AWESOME! Who would have though this little boy who once did not have intentional speech was now practicing how to ask and answer questions without prompting!

I’m celebrating Nathan’s scripting knowing that he is trying his very best to communicate the way we do!

I’m so glad to have found my new lens and see how beautiful life is with autism!

Blessed with The Son-Rise Program!


Regressive Autism

G! You were right! I found an expats blog in Japan confirming that babies and toddlers get a fraction of the adult dose, 2 shots, a month apart.

Sorry for the misinformation. I must have been lost in translation believing I clearly asked, and was affirmed, that it is was the same dose as what the doctor was giving me.

Nevertheless, now when I look back at all of Nathan’s toddler videos, it was the winter after that first flu shot when we noticed Nathan have a seizure-like jerk, followed by 10 seconds of lost attention, before he would interact and play spelling with me again. That brief easy to dismiss.

In time, the jerks became more frequent, the lost attention span became longer and longer. Until it was all lost attention and of Nathan’s window of interactive attention completely disappeared. Nathan started losing his words when trying to sing his nursery rhymes. Eventually all the words and melody was lost and only chanting remained. Nathan lost the ability to look at me and accurately describe what I was doing, in full sentences.

Two years and several vaccines after that first flu shot (at Nathan’s age 4), Nathan lost eye-contact, lost intentional speech, lost the ability to doodle with a pen. He started flapping objects when he was about 3 years old. If we left him alone, he could probably flap or mouth objects and chant all day without looking for another person.

When Nathan was 2 1/2 years old, talking in perfect sentences and several neurologists in Japan and Philippines confirmed that social skills was not a issue, it gave me confidence that even is there was a possible vaccine-autism link, #Autism was not going to happen to Nathan.

Because I waited for Nathan to talk, I witnessed #RegressiveAutism. I have met so many other parents feel the same way about their children’s autism. Something happened, our kids were not born with autism.

Unfortunately, some parents never see their kids grow then regress because they are vaccinate at birth or few months after. What might not turn out as autism is then aggravated by another shot in following months. I believe continuous vaccinations caused the slow regression of Nathan.

Strong kids who can handle the disease can probably handle the vaccine. Kids, with compromised immune systems in the first play, may have challenges with the disease as well as the vaccine. If that is the case, why prematurely give them the disease through the vaccine?

If a vaccine is given at birth or 3 months, how are sure to know the strength of kids immune system or even what they are allergic to? Vaccine have cells from the things they grow in: eggs, monkey, cows, etc. Even if that vaccine is safe, how secure is quality control? Polio vaccine maker has been hiding the fact that their earlier vaccines have cancer-causing SV40 virus which proliferated from confining too many monkeys in a small area waiting for their kidneys to be harvested to grow the polio virus. They brush it aside, excusing themselves, saying the science was crude back then.

I think the science is crude until now and they allow themselves space for mistakes introducing new vaccines (like Gardasil for cervical cancer), without worrying about the few or many people it might harm because the government (tax payers) picks up the bill if people prove they had been vaccine injured.

Though Nathan’s autism has blessed up tenfolds as we embark on this healing journey. Parents and child do not deserve autism. It’s scary to know that 1 out of every 50 children have some form of autism/sensory disorder. And the numbers are increasing. Who will take care of or kids when there are more special needs people than neurotypical people able to care for them? That is why I want to share my story.

In the end, each parent knows their child. They know if they may be immune-comprised. They know if they had problems during pregnancy, at birth or if their baby is sickly. They know if their child is strong and fully breast fed, strengthening immune system. The decision is vaccinate their child is every parents decision. But it is worth looking into the relevance, efficacy and safety records of each vaccine before giving them to your child. Not doing so was my mistake as I was allured by the though of having a disease-free child…think again. I can’t undo my mistakes but I can tell other parents to be careful.

Beginning to understand seizures

The bad news: After weaning off from anti-epilepsy medication with no seizures for half a year, Amor had a seizure last week.

The good news: As I move away from conventional medicine towards alternative medicine, I am beginning to understand that something’s trigger seizures and things can be done to heal the body and heal seizures.

Anti-seizure medicines only take away seizure symptoms but the source, the brain injury, is still there. Nothing can be done but wait for the injury to heal — That’s the information provided by a really good epileptologist, whom we used to see to monitor Amor’s seizure and medication.

Moving on to the path of alternative medicine: After overburden of Amor’s liver from anti-epilepsy and primary complex medications for about 3 years. We were ready to start detoxing the organ responsible for detoxing her body.

(I strongly believe the primary complex medicine, Isoniazid, caused Amor’s seizures to begin with. Drug description says: caused convulsions yet several doctors told me to ignore what it said and keep going, adding anti-convulsion meds to cover up seizures).

As we began to detox Amor’s liver, unfortunately….or fortunately, we triggered another seizure. I was lucky that the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) mother, is well versed with detoxing and immediately identified that Amor must be deficient in an amino acid necessary to complete the detox cycle. Supplementing stopped the seizure immediately and she has not had another seizure since last week. Now more tests will be done to check Amor’s mineral, vitamin, amino acid, etc. deficiencies before even trying to detox her overburdened liver again.

Her seizures were not due to brain injury. The wrong organ was targeted by conventional doctors. How can healing begin if they are looking at the wrong place?

Alternative medicine is helping me see more clearly that healing the body can heal seizures. In Amor’s case, I have always suspected liver problems from the medications she had at NICU, jaundice, her early vaccinations, primary complex meds and anti-seizure meds. To add insult to injury, all the medications Amor took for years simply added burden to her liver, which could have been the very source of her seizures.

Please pray that we continue taking he right path, finding the right answers until Amor reaches complete health.

Be “facinated”

When the Kaufman’s first “joined” Raun, they did so not aiming for autism recovery. They simply wanted to connect with Raun, let him know he was loved and make him happy. Recovery was a bonus.

They understood that for kids with autism, the world is very unpredictable. These kids feel that they have no control of their surroundings. Their ism is the only thing they have that feels predictable and safe.

So it’s important not only to join their isms but to fall in love with their isms.

One son-rise tip is to be “fascinated”. Here’s a exercise to help us learn to be fascinated with the little things. It’s probably a good exercise that we can do with our own kids or other people on our lives:

After spending time with Nathan:
1. Make a list about what you love about Nathan,
2. Make a list about what you love about Nathan, while he is isming.