Seeing autism with a new lens

When I first read Bear Kaufman’s “Son-Rise The Miracle Continues”, I was fascinated that they celebrated the echolalia of their once autistic son, Raun. For them Raun was trying his very best to grasp our language. Echoing words, like a parrot, was the best way to do it!

At that time, Nathan was becoming echolalic. My beliefs were totally different. As I listened to his echolia (what was meaningless sets of words from my point of view), I was dreading that autism was dawning on us. It seemed Nathan’s future was becoming more bleak as he showed more signs of autism.

The Son-Rise Program has turned my beliefs and fears around.

Today, I hear Nathan scripting a Q&A:
“Does Yeishen smell like Elmo?…
Yeishen smells like Elmo!”
I think AWESOME! Who would have though this little boy who once did not have intentional speech was now practicing how to ask and answer questions without prompting!

I’m celebrating Nathan’s scripting knowing that he is trying his very best to communicate the way we do!

I’m so glad to have found my new lens and see how beautiful life is with autism!

Blessed with The Son-Rise Program!