Surprises everyday

Nathan never stops to surprise his teachers.  His therapist called me just to tell me what happened in school. 

Nathan asked for “put your left foot in …put your left foot out”.

“Oh,” said his therapist, “Let me look for that song on my iPhone.”  But Nathan did not seem to want what he offered and moved away.

After a minute, Nathan gathered his persistence again and asked, “I want it to load.”  Nathan did his best to describe what he wanted, “I want…put your left foot in, left foot out…in the orange hat.”

“Ok.” replied his therapist, as he went to check if that song was on his VLC player.  To his surprise, he saw that the VLC player showed an orange traffic cone that looked like a hat 🙂  “This is it for sure,” the therapist thought.  When he turned on the Hokey Pokey music, Nathan started laughing and requested further, “Ok, I want to swing now.”  That’s his favorite place to be, when listening to music.

A child with autism, being so persistent, asking someone to get what he wants and spontaneously picking his own words to communicate!  That doesn’t happen everyday.

The orange hat gave the clue

The orange hat gave the clue