Embrace Autism

Nathan has this thing about scripting the last lines at the end of his favorite shows.

This morning, he specifically asked me to look for Barney’s “Thanks to the Fort Worth Zoo, www.fortworth.com”.

I wanted to grant his wish because, he asked ever so nicely and clearly (reward clear so each). And I love watching how excited he gets when he recalls his memories. However, I didn’t want to play the whole show just to get to his favorite line, so I checked if maybe someone has made my life easier and uploaded just the ending of that show. Sure enough…his favorite lines comes up at about 2:30mins.


Here’s another favorite that many folk apparently upload. The end of Sesame Street that goes, “Visit Sesame St. on the web at www.sesamestreet.com”. Check out the views, over 51,000!!!


I don’t know if these links means lots of kid with autism are demanding from their parents for only that particular line. If so, I’m glad parents are obliging and maybe embracing their kids wants, instead of using their fears that their child is scripting and showing signs of autism <- that used to be me, until Son-Rise taught me to embrace my son's autism. That's the first step towards healing.