Never say never!

Nathan missed out on a lot of creeping and crawling because of an oxygen deprivation at birth that resulted to Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP limits his ability to move his legs.
I didn’t understand how much creeping and crawling is related to brain development. Furthermore, our therapist focused on getting him to walk at that time. But the good news is, we can creep and crawl today to make up for what our brains missed out on developing.

I am prepared for Nathan creeping and crawling for much longer than other kids who enrol at, because of his cerebral palsy. While other kids creeping pattern have been maturing, and thus integrating their baby brains, Nathan is still at the very early stages of creeping. He’s pulling his whole body as a single unit (see left of photo) instead of looking like a lizard with well coordinated opposite leg and arm movements. Well, until yesterday when he lifted one knee to kick!!! (See right if photo) Woohoo!!! 

After waiting for his first kick after about 4 months of creeping, I was just thinking: While doctors have dismissed any possible development from an oxygen-deprived-brain-injury, Nathan just recreated a new brain circuit that allowed him to make a movement that he as never made before!  

Never say never! Nathan will be able to do so much more than his early prognoses. He already has!