Nightmare turned blessing

Nathan cried at the playground because I missed a one second window to spin him on the swing as he requested…Instead I challenged him to speak louder…oops 😁. He got so agitated, cried and started to hit his head. Someone even approached me to ask, “Does he have autism?” “Yes,” I confirmed and asked that she leaves me alone to try to settle him as best I could.
Amidst the crowd of children, parents and helpers, I collected all my emotions to stay calm and not to make big reactions to his crying. I told Nathan that the playground was a place to swing and if was going to keep crying, it would be better to go back home. All the while I kept reassuring him that I loved him.

I gave him enough time to settle. Even if I was getting all the stares from adults and some curious kids…which made time seem forever. When Nathan was more settled, I gave him a squeeze hug. As usual he was more relaxed by the hug. He settled a bit but kept crying….Then more squeeze hugs and more time to settle.  

After several minutes Nathan stopped crying and asked for a “squeeze hug” and a “Lovey Dovey hug”. Yes, we’ve got all sorts of hugs to make him feel better and they work wonders.

At last he became completely happy to swing again.

I sat on the swing next to him.

He got up and climbed on my lap, gave me the sweetest hug and asked me for more “Lovey Dovey hugs.”

What a blessing! Nightmare at the playground turned into the most precious Lovey Dovey moment!

I’m glad the phone always comes handy to capture precious moments!