Approaching other kids

While Amor had her victory moment at the playground, Nathan had his too!
After he was done at the slide, Nathan walked back to the swing, which he normally stays on for most of playground time…but all swings were occupied. Oh no! 

I didn’t want to be the bully Mom telling the kids to get off because Nathan has a handicap. I was hoping Nathan would be able to ask someone for a swing but at the same time I was worried. While Nathan has spontaneous speech with me, family members, Son-Rise volunteers and few friends, he normally will not say anything to anyone new. I was wondering if we were about to get into another tantrum moment. The swings always has at least one vacant seat for Nathan.

So not knowing what to expect, I told him, “Nathan, they are still using the swing, but if you want to borrow you can tell them, ‘may I borrow the swing please’.” Then I watched with amazement…

Nathan took few steps towards the closest boy and said, “I want the swing please.” The nice boy politely gave his swing to Nathan 😅😄😄😄

So awesome! I’m so proud of Nathan! 

Praise God for Nathan’s continue healing and for all the polite kids in our neighbourhood! 

I don’t have great photos today…but here’s Nathan as he conquered climbing the slide before be conquered approaching the kids to ask for swing!