How to encourage a child with special needs to engage in a spontaneous conversation?

While Amor does very well answering all questions thrown at her, that is NOT a CONVERSATION, that we parents hope our special kids will achieve. That’s an INTERVIEW. It’s a good skill to have for job applications but not for our kids to make friends and build relationships.
I asked Amor’s Son-Rise® volunteer about her conversations with her best friends. “You probably don’t ask each other much questions, what are your ‘conversation starters’?” I probed.

“We gossip,” she chuckled. 

“Perfect!” I affirmed. I know that’s what I used to do as a youngster hanging out with my good friends 😜. I continued, “It would be great to model a conversation to Amor, not by asking questions but by offering the craziest, funniest ideas, that you both can build upon to create an amazing conversation!”

As a quick reminder, here’s a poster I put in the Son-Rise room: