Counting our blessings as they pour

Amor expresses her appreciation…
To think Amor was a very irritable, rigid and “stubborn” child…mainly because of her sensory issues.

The Son-Rise Program® has taught us, the parents, to actively look for all the things that we appreciate in our kids, regardless of their special needs and “strange behaviours”, regardless of their sensory issues, regardless of their “misbehaviours”, regardless of their button-pushing, regardless of their delays. 

We verbalise our appreciation all the time and that opens up to more and more blessings.

Children learn what they live…in time Amor too actively looks for what she appreciates in us. 

I’m just blessed that she chooses to express her gratitude in writing ❤️

In the photo: Amor wrote a letter to me tonight. Who would thought that something as simple and shopping and going to the Dentist, meant a lot to her and now to me too.

To Ban or Not To Ban

I have thought of banning “Super Nanny” from Amor’s YouTube video options. Then again, despite her challenges with social skills, Amor really likes observing people and be whole range of emotions they go through in different situations. Imagine, “Supper Nanny” is like a treasure chest of emotions for her to enjoy.
We couldn’t really grasp how much she is learning until she started writing her thoughts. So awesome to see (literally) how smart Amor is. I have to go back to show the Doctors who gave her the Global Developmental Delay Diagnosis 😉

Note: we don’t parent like Super Nanny or the families she visits. We pay attention to and reinforce good behaviours early instead of waiting for unwanted behaviours to emerge and discipline heavily later on.