The magic of explaining

Sometimes we forget to explain because our kids with autism don’t speak much. But explaining has been a magical tool for us.
Doctor’s visits are not the best. I always dread waiting periods and possible tantrums.

So this morning I explained to Nathan that after lunch we were going to the shoe doctor to get “robot shoes” made. That’s what we call ankle-foot brace, which will give him more stability when walking.

An hour later he came back to me saying, “I want to go to the foot doctor.” How awesome is that! He’s getting a sense of schedule and planning!

On the taxi ride I explained that it was going to be a long ride (in other words, no need to tantrum just wait and we will get there 😉)

All was good. As soon as we got there, Nathan felt the clinic ambience. He was all smiles and wheeling his wheeling chair back and forth while I was getting the long registration process done.

The “shoe doctor” was happy Nathan sat still and swiftly made his foot casts. 

All was well! Explain knowing he completely understands! 

In the photo: selfie while waiting for the shoe doctor 😉