We want our child with special needs to be able to make friends…

But our child, who already has a social handicap, is likely not in optimal situations for them to learn make friends.
For any child to make friends, they would first need someone who is:

– willing to be a Friend,

– willing to see through the child’s “queer” behaviours and understand the child,

– willing to spend time to get to know the child better, and

– willing to discover the child’s desires and unfold what will help the child flourish.
With such tough pre-requisites, how can we ask a child to learn to make friends?

We can’t…
But we can recruit and teach Son-Rise® volunteers who are willing to be our children’s friends first, then encourage the child to take the next step.
We have been blessed that Son-Rise showed us this direction and God continues to bless us with amazing volunteers!

In the photo: Nathan and Amor and 2 of many amazing volunteers in our lives, Albert and Yang, who have chosen to be Friend first!