By age 4 Nathan regressed deep into autism and lost all his words and ability to sing nursery rhymes. Today, at age 14, God is restoring Nathan’s voice!

We knew that Nathan had special needs soon after his premature birth. But #autismregression continued especially between the age of 2 and 4, when skills were emerging…to eventually be lost.

By the time Nathan turned 4-years-old he lost his ability to sing beautiful nursery rhymes. Instead, he did rhythmless chants while staring into space. He lost his ability to grip a pen and doodle. Instead, he would put everything into his mouth, even the toy guitar, which he was once able to strum and sing with.

Nathan regressed deep into autism. I felt like I “lost” my son.

By age 5, I though Nathan would never be able to call me “Mama” or to look at me for longer than a minute.

Each full year the Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician would assess him to have gained only 2 months of cognitive skills. If Nathan continued at that rate, by the time he reached 20-years-old, he would be behaving like a 4-year-old…severely autistic.

GOD’S PLAN (Nathan at 4-years-old)

I remember crying everyday after the doctor told us that Nathan had autism. Nathan was already 4-years-old and so much therapy and early intervention, did not seem to be making the future brighter any for us.

I cried and prayed and cried some more. One night, in my usual crying and praying moments, this song sang in my mind:

“in His time. God makes all things beautiful in His time.”

God was telling me to trust Him, even if I could not see anything at the moment.

GOD’S PLAN MANIFEST (Nathan at 5-years-old)

One year after that moment of peace, Nathan was 5 1/2-years-old, I found The Son-Rise Program®! Son-Rise taught me that I, the parent, could be the best therapist for my child. And that exciting games, rather than rigorous repetition, were the best ways to help my child with autism engage.

Nathan began to look at me, smile and laugh with me! Nathan began to speak and request things from me!

Nathan connected with me again! I got my son back!

MEETING GOD (Nathan at 9-years-old)

Son-Rise was the best and the easiest way to help Nathan make big gains despite his autism. But that does not mean life was easy for us. Life was hard and we gave up a lot of family outings simply because it was more stressful than relaxing. We even stopped going to church for the same reason.

But God must have wanted me to know that He has been calling me all this time.

Thankfully we were invited to New Creation Church (NCC), which has a special needs ministry while parents worship. It was at NCC were I learned about God’s mighty love for me.

In fact, before God speaks, He shows. He gave me Son-Rise first so that I could see that the power of a parent’s love can conquer anything! Imagine knowing what God’s love for us can conquer!

It was at NCC where I learned to rest in God and that He will restore what the enemy took away.

HEALING IN THE NATURAL (Nathan at 13-years-old)

“Pick-up your mat and walk.” That’s what Jesus said to the lame man.

What a fight of faith.

Those were the years when I would bring Nathan out for walks and no matter how tiring it was for both of us. Sometimes, I thought, not trying had the same results – zero muscle development.

Walking is challenging for Nathan because of his brain injury at birth (cerebral palsy) affecting his ability to control his legs. All his life we have been dependent on his wheelchair.

Like many special needs moms, when doctors had nothing more to offer, I turned to nutrition and alternatives to look for anything else that could help my son. Besides, is something caused his #autismregression, there should be a way to undo it.

We made strides with diet and nutrition, removing excess sugar to help Nathan to balance his energy and hyperactivity. Removing gluten and casein, to help leaky gut and lessen staring-into-space moments.

Then we found ASEA. Not only did injuries stop, but Nathan began to gain. Nathan muscle coordination and strength began to improve. He started to walk longer and longer distances without any tantrums! His speech became so much more clearer! Nathan started singing nursery rhymes agains! There are even songs which I know he loved to listen to during his regression years but could not sing…Today, all of a sudden I am hearing Nathan sing songs that he has never sang before!

Here he is singing his favorite worship song. One that he could only dance to in the past. But today he’s singing the whole song! God is so good!

Synergistic Healing

I am amazed by how Nathan is gaining control of his legs, despite cerebral palsy (inability to fully control his legs due to a brain injury at birth).


Did you know that creeping and crawling is an important stage which helps baby’s brain to develop?

It is so helpful that going back to creeping and crawling can even help special needs kids. The Brainhighways program helped me understand this. Apparently, creeping helps integrate the “baby brain” allowing the baby/child to move from “fight or flight” mode to relax and ready for social interaction mode. Crawling helps develop the mid-brain, helping the child better filter sensory inputs, thus, respond better when dealing with people.


A few years back, we started Brainhighways for our twins with special needs, Nathan and Amor. We saw initial gains and reason to keep going. For how long? Based on Brainhighways testimonies, it will take 100 to 300 hours of creeping and crawling to see results.


Unfortunately, we have not been as consistent as I initially desired. We haven’t even reached our 100th hour of creeping and crawling yet. Already, I know it will take so much more than 300 hours, especially for Nathan to actually learn to creep properly and thus see the gains that other kids experience.

Nathan’s legs used to “dangle” behind him as he attempted to creep. Creeping is supposed to look like military creeping with one arm working in tandem with the opposite leg to propel the body forward. Because of his cerebral palsy, Nathan didn’t seem capable of creeping and crawling properly regardless of how many hundred hours we were to try.

It is so easy to give up on interventions especially when I recall what doctors or experts have told me about cerebral palsy “nothing can be done about it” or even that “Nathan may never walk”.


Fast forward a couple of years…we try a new intervention… Redox singling molecules (brand name ASEA). I love the simplicity, yet profound impact, of this new category-making intervention. It is not a drug, it is not a supplement. Its starting ingredients are simply purified water and salt. These are electronically processed and stabilised to hold reduction and oxidation molecules. These molecules allow us to have the plus (+) and minus (-) energy that our cells need to communicate with each other. Thus our cells get to work more effectively. Younger children inherently have redox signaling molecules at higher levels than their adult counterparts. This manifests in their fast ability to heal. As we age, our bodies produce less, thus our ability to heal is slower. People with chronic illness or who are immunocompromised also have lower levels of redox signaling molecules. So ASEA can benefit these folks. We have started taking ASEA redox singling molecules, seeing that it has benefited other kids with autism and similar issues.

I noticed that Nathan gained better control and coordination of his legs. I was excited to revisit Brainhighways and start creeping and crawling again. Despite a long period of not creeping, Nathan…I dare say “instantly”…gained control of his legs. Watch the video.

Furthermore, when doing a “lizard pattern” exercise, Nathan used to need 100% assistance. After ASEA, it’s amazing today that he can independently to lizards on his own! It’s exciting! I feel that we have advanced so much and have gotten a “cheat” push to the middle of the marathon instead of always being at the beginning. A cheat push that every person with a disability certainly deserves! There’s newfound excitement to keep creeping, crawling and keep developing brain and muscle. I’m thankful that the Lord keeps opening doors for us. When all the experts have told us that nothing can be done about cerebral palsy, He keeps telling me to TRUST IN HIM!

Miracle in the making

I created this video in March 2020, when I felt it was impossible for Nathan to ride a bike.

It wasn’t long after creating this video that I tested and found that Nathan could actually pedal a bike!

March 2020 Video:

Doctors said that there was nothing I could do to help fix the “hole” in my son’s brain. My twins Nathan and Amor were born prematurely. Nathan needed a respiratory during the first 3 days of his life. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting his ability to control his legs. Doctors projected that he may never walk.

I knew that physical therapy was going to be a big part of my life. But there is nothing easy about physical therapy. When Nathan was younger and smaller, you could say it was “easier” only because I could bear most of his weight. But his autism (later diagnosed at age 4) was not doing any help. It was as if he could take his mind out of his body, resulting to me do all the physical therapy for him. There was no muscle learning during these periods.

I thought perhaps the Doctors were right, nothing could help my child’s cerebral palsy….so why keep trying? But trying we did. No matter how little the results, we kept trying. But many times I would question if all that we were doing was worth it. It was easier to not do anything…and the results were the same…almost nil. To add to the challenges, Nathan is now in his puberty. He is much bigger, heavier and difficult to assist. Plus, his muscles have been pulling in all the wrong directions.

But can I just say…I know God’s hand is on our journey! #JesusHeals Three years before seeing any miracles related to Nathan’s walking, God let me know that he was going to do something for Nathan:…

Recently, Nathan has become more willing to walk longer and longer distances. Church was one first places he consistently went to without needing a wheelchair. Then the fast food/mall, then the movie, then dental appointments…now he does not ask his wheelchair when we go out.

In this healing journey, I have learned to tune in and listen to healing changes so I know we’re heading in the right direction. For example, I used to need to carry most of Nathan’s leg weight light when we did these bicycle play exercises. You can see that I have to fully grip his feet to move them around as if he was riding a bicycle. Without my support, his legs would just wobble and drop. He was unable to push his legs and I have refrained from dreaming that it would be possible for him to have enough force to pedal a bike…

Watch me test Nathan’s strength and coordination, by not offering much support and simply putting my flat palms for his feet to push! And he did! To demonstrate further, I used my thumb and he did almost all the work. If I was to put numbers on it. He used to need 90% of my help to get our bicycle game going. Now, he only needs 10% of my help. Who knows what Nathan will be capable of doing? Maybe one day he will be able to independently ride a bike 😉 Tomorrow is bright for us!

Singing again

When Nathan regressed deep into autism, he lost his ability to sing nursery rhymes. He lost all his words and became oblivious to everyone including me.

I thought I lost my boy.

Nathan grew up loving music but he never sang. We kept doing what we could and continue praying for healing.

More than a decade after he lost all his words, Nathan is finding his singing voice again! As he finds his voice, his first choice of songs is that of worship, which reflects how God has been so good to us!

“Tanging Yaman”


“I want to go to the cool boys room.”

I am loving Nathan’s persistence! Since Nathan started ASEA, he’s been speaking up more, loud and clear. Unlike before, it seems he would simply stop trying and accept that he was not heard.


Meanwhile, younger brother, Ian, was trying to get away with video games all afternoon.