2013 March Monthly Progress

I realize I have to update Nathan’s progress.

These are updates for the current month

  1. Motor/brain improvements.  We have been holding down Nathan’s strong L hand (with his permission) so that he uses his R hand to cross midline and reach toys in his L side.  Once in a while, Nathan independently moves his R hand over to reach his L.
  2. Once Nathan is encouraged to climb, he keeps trying and achieving things.  When he gets to the top of the cabinet, he now dares to let go, challenge his balance and sit independently.
  3. Nathan has been observing others more.  Example, he was watching Papa fix his slinky or watching Mama put a bandaid on Ian.
  4. Nathan is more compliant and more willing to wait.  He used to cry and tantrum when he is not given food immediately.  At bedtime, he can now accept the explanation, “it’s night time, it’s time to sleep.”  Even in an out of routine environment, like Papa taking him to a different park, when Nathan demands to go.  He will accept the reasoning, “Nathan, it’s still raining we have to wait.”
  5. Nathan has been recalling many songs.  Some of which are songs he has never sang before but only enjoyed listening to.  This reminds me of how Nathan regressed and lost the ability to sing nursery rhymes.  This time he’s moving forward.
  6. Nathan gestures that he does not want volunteer (or parents) to talk by covering their mouths.  This is a welcome form of communication compared to his simply locking us out of his world when he didn’t want to listen to us.