About Amor

Amor did not speak until age 2. Her doctor diagnosed her with Global Developmental Delay. (Amor and her twin brother Nathan were born 8 weeks premature.) At age 4, Amor developed myoclonic seizures. Within the same year, Amor had to wear prescription glasses due to short vision, and we discovered that she had a tiny hole in her heart…. But Amor is a fighter (just like her Mom). The hole in her heart has miraculously closed. She has weaned out from her seizure medication. And today, she’s a singing diva! That’s my Amor – Papa’s princess.

Updated on September 26, 2013: Yippe ya yeah! We have successfully weaned Amor off her anti-epilepsy medication! Her last seizure was April 2011.

While we were happy we weren’t seeing seizure with Amor’s medication, it really took a toll on her body. Amor’s immune system was greatly compromised. She used to be my strongest child being able to easily fight of colds and fever. After anti-epilepsy, her colds and fever would linger for days even weeks.

Nathan was off anti-epilepsy about 6 months ago. He was on a much lower dose for autism symptoms and it only gave temporary relief at the beginning.

Yippie ya yeah! That chapter is over!