Tuning in to people

It’s so awesome how Nathan was looking around, curious about the people around him. This is even in a new environment, the ENT clinic.
“That’s Manang Carmeling!” He exclaimed while looking at the lady on his left, who was filling up forms. He give that Singaporean lady a Filipino name 😂. I asked him what she was doing. “Drawing <with> a pen,” he answered quite accurately.

He was also stretching to see what the gentlemen behind him were talking about. Yehey, he was not zoning out but tuning into people around him.

In the photo is Nathan checking out the lady sitting on his left.


Change the belief and you can change the results 

Just got back from the ear doctor, who needed to pull out dry ear wax from Nathan. It could have been a major, I-will-never-forgive-you tantrum, when the assistants pinning Nathan down were trying to comfort him by saying “I’m so sorry Nathan.” In other words “I’ll hurt you right now and I’m so sorry about it.” But I decided to change the message by saying, “Doctor will make your ears feel better. You are such a strong boy. Thank you for showing him your ears. So brave!”  
The struggle was inevitable, he has never been friends with the ear buds, but as soon as he was done, Nathan shouted “I want to hug Mama!” He jumped into my arms and the crying was done! I know he understood that what he had to go through was in the end good for him!
In the photos: Nathan happy to be on the way to the ENT and still happy, or rather sleepy, going home 😉. 


Osteopathy for autism

Just stepped out of the osteopath’s clinic. 
Nathan was throwing a hair-pulling (almost head-banging…if I let him) tantrum before we arrived at the clinic. He drank a homeopathic remedy in the morning and that thunder storm seems to need to happen before we see the good stuff.
Anyways, we were early at the clinic, so I was trying my best to manage his aggravation with squeeze hugs…but to no avail.
About 10 minutes and many patient stares, some of which were friendly understanding smiles, Nathan finally got into his osteopath’s table. Almost as soon as she puts her hands on Nathan to make adjustments, he settles down 😄
Now I’m in my way home with a happy boy next to me! Loving alternative therapies!
Praise God for our healing journey! 


William Hogan

I was in tears knowing that William has now joined our creator. But as I watched the video, I realise that his spirit lives on in me and in my twins, who are on their way to recovery. I know I speak for thousands more Son-Rise families who have been touched by you.
We have been so blessed by you, William.

WILLIAM HOGAN – 1965-2015 AN INSPIRED LIFE Dear Friends:(Option Institute/Son-Rise Program/Autism Treatment Center of America)Our sweet, wonderful, beloved William died peacefully last night…with family and friends. The best testimony to his life is through William himself and his work in the attached video that we created for him. William and his family from England and his family here in Massachusetts watched this video together last week in his home in Sheffield – his face had the most gracious smile of ease and pleasure and delight as he saw himself doing what he loved among the people he most loved. William was a good, good man – a channel of light and love that impacted all of us and enhanced the lives of many thousands of moms and dads and children throughout the world. And Bryn, his life-partner and wife (and our daughter), was nothing short of being absolutely spectacular in helping him through a very challenging and, at times, physically painful journey over the past nine months that they faced together with courage, common purpose and a deeply-shared love. Samahria and I were blessed to hold hands with both of them every step of the way. Big cheers and gratitude for a man who had become our treasured son over these past twenty-five years…and who embraced us all with his vision, his passion, his caring and his gentleness. Love, Bears & Samahria (Option Institute/Son-Rise Program/Autism Treatment Center of America)PS: A huge special gratitude to Kate Wilde who held hands with Bryn, William, Samahria and me on this journey as well. Huge gratitude to members of the staff, dear friends and William’s soccer buddies and wives who did everything these months to support all of us…from shopping to picking up prescriptions, from cooking meals to doing chores and showing up a different times to support us through the weeks and on weekends. PPS: Please know, as I discussed with the Son-Rise Program service providers and teaching staff last week, that our way to honor William right now is to give of ourselves some time to watch the video and then do what we know to do…we have families, students, participants and clients here this week…and the way to celebrate William and his life right now (and he would want this), is to continue to show up and give everything we have to help all these people who have come here for our help. More information to come later. Thank you.

Posted by Bears Barry Neil Kaufman on Wednesday, November 4, 2015