Change the belief and you can change the results 

Just got back from the ear doctor, who needed to pull out dry ear wax from Nathan. It could have been a major, I-will-never-forgive-you tantrum, when the assistants pinning Nathan down were trying to comfort him by saying “I’m so sorry Nathan.” In other words “I’ll hurt you right now and I’m so sorry about it.” But I decided to change the message by saying, “Doctor will make your ears feel better. You are such a strong boy. Thank you for showing him your ears. So brave!”  
The struggle was inevitable, he has never been friends with the ear buds, but as soon as he was done, Nathan shouted “I want to hug Mama!” He jumped into my arms and the crying was done! I know he understood that what he had to go through was in the end good for him!
In the photos: Nathan happy to be on the way to the ENT and still happy, or rather sleepy, going home 😉.