Ian’s Art Store

We are truly inspired by Ian – our neurotypical son and Nathan and Amor’s baby brother – he wants to help raise funds for Nathan’s Son Rise through his drawings.


Our youngest Neurotypical Son, Ian

We went to a Garage Sale and Ian brought his drawings with him.  He knew the garage sale was to raise money for his big brother Nathan.   Without us prompting him, when someone picked up his drawing, he informed them that they were for sale by saying, “One dollar please” and it took a few minutes for us to realize that he was doing his own little thing to raise money for Nathan.  He sold 5 drawings that day and raised 8 dollars (thanks to tips).

That same night, he wouldn’t go to sleep without replacing the 5 drawings and fell asleep whilst drawing.  We can’t begin to express how blessed we feel having our baby boy Ian do something so self-less for his big brother.  In the same light, we want to encourage him by posting his drawings on line and see if anyone would like to donate to his cause.  He is very excited about having his drawings online.

Please check out his drawings and if you want any of them, please let us know.