Fighting the good fight of Faith

We have been listening to Randy Clark’s audiobook, “Power To Heal: Keys To Activating God’s Healing Power In Your Life.”

A couple of weeks ago, Amor told me she had a vision. She said that Jesus told her that He has healed her seizures.

I believe her!

This month, her period came and went, unaccompanied by a usual hormone-related seizure.

We have been doing everything we can to try to understand what is triggering her seizures and what can be done to control her seizures. The intensity and frequency of her seizures have been downgrading in general, but not yet eliminated.

Now is the time to surrender to God! I am so blessed that Amor enjoys listening to God’s words and understands His desires for her so that she knows how to fight the good fight of faith!

In the photo: Amor captured my reaction as she shared her vision with me! I call her healed girl to keep reminding myself of God’s mighty plan for her.