I used to think I that out of all the people in the world, I believed in my daughter the most…

…until Son-Rise teacher Gerd Winkler came over for Amor’s outreach.

I was teary eyed seeing how much he believed in her.

“Believe in your child so much more than her belief in herself…she will start believing in herself.” 

Thank you Gerd! In just those 2 days of outreach, it feels like Amor’s potentials just exploded! 

At the end of Amor and Nathan’s outreach, I love that Amor does not hesitate to show Gerd how much she has appreciates him and asked for her hug ❤️

Too blessed to be stressed!

What an amazing outreach with Gerd Winkler!
Call me crazy, but I thought that after inviting a Son-Rise® teacher to review our home-based program, I would end up with the difficult task of needing to pull my act together to get my part-time program to go full-time…yes, I’m guilty…I was the one who put most pressure on myself and my program.

It’s amazing how Gerd took a good look at everything we do with Nathan and simplified it even further…yet I know that out of this simplicity, big changes will happen! 

I am excited to move into 2018, with an even easier program!


We want our child with special needs to be able to make friends…

But our child, who already has a social handicap, is likely not in optimal situations for them to learn make friends.
For any child to make friends, they would first need someone who is:

– willing to be a Friend,

– willing to see through the child’s “queer” behaviours and understand the child,

– willing to spend time to get to know the child better, and

– willing to discover the child’s desires and unfold what will help the child flourish.
With such tough pre-requisites, how can we ask a child to learn to make friends?

We can’t…
But we can recruit and teach Son-Rise® volunteers who are willing to be our children’s friends first, then encourage the child to take the next step.
We have been blessed that Son-Rise showed us this direction and God continues to bless us with amazing volunteers!

In the photo: Nathan and Amor and 2 of many amazing volunteers in our lives, Albert and Yang, who have chosen to be Friend first!