What are Miracles?

I was almost dreading that Nathan was approaching teenage years. This time amplifies his special needs and the thought that we will have to live with all his challenges for the rest of our lives. Like, his dependence on a wheelchair even for short trips, that he wouldn’t speak up, that he couldn’t follow complex commands, that he couldn’t eat meals independently without making a mess or he could not do so many things independently.

Depression took over for some time. Thankfully God keeps opening doors.

Finally, a fellow special needs mom asked me to look into and try ASEA.

No, ASEA is not the miracle…

When Nathan started taking ASEA, he started to detox…some would call it peetox. As his body got rid of wastes, evidently through super stinky pee, his brain fog started to lift. In time he became better at following instructions. His speech became clearer. He started to sing songs again…

Nathan regressed into autism after age 2 and lost all his words, ability to sing nursery rhymes, eye contact, etc. He was unable to sing for the decade that followed. But today, at age 14, Nathan surprises us by singing complete songs. It is like his tongue got untied!

Nathan also became stronger and better in controlling his limbs. He no longer needs a wheelchair for outings. When he eats, he has better control of his utensils and we have less trouble cleaning up after.

How can something so simply cause so much speech, cognitive and physical gains?

It can’t.

God has created our bodies magnificently. I believe our bodies have an amazing affinity to healing. All we have to do it support it. ASEA is only a tool which helps our magnificent body do it’s job more efficiently!

When I was sure about ASEA, I started to share this gift to other families with special needs.

And of course I get so excited asking them for updates.

What parents usually notice first is that their special needs child has more energy or generally better mood. Someone told me her child has better eye-contact, like her eyes glow! Teachers reported that child was better focusing in school. A child with cerebral palsy (like Nathan’s case – a brain injury affecting ability to move legs) started to kick his legs during physical therapy!

As these parents share initial gains of their children, I get excited knowing that in time they will experience so much more…just as how I still continue to see big gains for Nathan!

So what are miracles?

Perhaps it’s the moment right before science catches up and provides a “better” explanation.

I would say that it’s what happens when we align ourselves with God’s desires for us!
Mathew 15:30 “He healed them all.”

I like to use this photo to depict Nathan’s autism as a veil… to be removed as his personality, motivations and desires start to speak up and shine through.