Joining and Celebrating

When we started, I asked everyone to show Nathan your love and acceptance through JOINING.

After a few sessions, everyone mastered the art of joining. Understanding when Nathan withdraws into his world of autism and simply being with him, joining, and waiting for him to give you his “green lights” and approval for interaction.

The next son-rise concept I asked you to perform was CELEBRATION of Nathan’s achievements.

Some pointers on CELEBRATIONS:
1. Celebrate achievements big or small, right or wrong (a.k.a his best attempt to do it right). For now, don’t focus too much on correcting his mistakes, especially if he resists.

2. Big celebrations with 3 Es (Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm) helps Nathan highlight his achievements in his memory. It will help him recall this memory faster and built upon it for future progress. And it will inspire him to keep trying.

3. While 3 Es help Nathan’s memory and learning, it would be difficult for the facilitator to sustain 3Es for the whole session and be authentic about it. Authenticity is important. Autistic kids, precisely because they are non-verbal or in Nathan’s case not-so-verbal, have stronger emotional radars (from listening to the tone of your voice and/or body language) and know when you are faking it. They will withdraw if they feel you are not sincere. Some suggestions: Pace yourself. Bring out your 3Es when you create exciting moments, then allow quieter moments for your rest. Or allow Nathan to pace you. After Nathan gives his interaction, he withdraws into his world and isms as a break. For a child with autism, coming out is difficult so they give themselves breaks by isming. Use that ism break (by joining) as a break for yourself to recharge your 3 Es and bring out your 3Es again when Nathan makes a connection with you again.

4. Nathan has some sound sensitivity issues. You might notice when you give him a big loud cheer, he will withdraw instead of appreciate your applaud. Try different types if cheering that Nathan might respond better to like big body expressions with softer voice vs. big loud cheers.

5. A lot of new volunteers had fantastic first sessions with Nathan. Some sessions were followed by not-so-fantastic, very “ismy”, full of joining sessions. For me even those sessions were very useful. Unless Nathan shows you how autistic he is and how much more convenient it is for him to lock you out of his world and remain in his autistic world, you may never appreciate the gigantic effort Nathan makes to simply look into your eyes and ask you for the pink spiky ball, for example. Knowing that that is a big effort for Nathan, may allow to give him bigger and more authentic celebrations for a job well done.

More cognitive gains

So much cognitive gains for Nathan this week. When he asks for things he now adds so much detail: pink spiky ball, green guitar, fish bottle, want to eat broccoli (or meat) only, etc. He knows and tells us exactly what he wants.

For choice questions he used to simply answer by echoing the last choice given to him. This time, he will think about the choices and answer appropriately. That’s especially if the choices are tangible and not hard to grasp concepts.

When the ball fell under his bed he said, “Where’s the ball?” That’s his first unprompted where question.

He’s also moving around more. He can finally ride his car on his own now and somewhat propel it too. Aside from autism, Nathan has issues walking and balancing (cerebral palsy).

When I told him that his son-rise volunteer was coming he got excited and said, “I want Tita Pam now please.” Wish I had the powers to beam her in when that happened.

During their session, as with recent sessions, Nathan moved around the room a lot and explored different activities. On the past, Nathan would only stick to one or few things to do for the whole son-rise session.

It’s exciting imagining what this year will bring us.

Mischievous Nathan

When I entered the room, I caught Nathan ripping apart a book. When he realized it was me, he jumped, looked at me, laughed and said, “Uh-oh, books are important.”

My autistic son’s mischievous personality is coming out and I’m loving it!

It was an old text book that I intentionally left with him. Ripping pages is a good motivation for Nathan to work on his fine motor skills…a developmental stage he missed as he was regressing into autism.

What is MMS for autism?

MMS is a cheap, simple chemical: ClO2. It was accidentally discovered when a man ailing from malaria was given purified water, which was the first MMS. He got better in 4 hours.

Big pharma does not make and sell it because it is cheap and it cures…it does not only mask symptoms so people keep needing to buy it. Otherwise big pharma will run out of business if they sell and start curing everyone.

Doctors won’t prescribe it because no one will make double-blind, clinical studies on a cheap product that won’t give them profit. Only big pharma has money for those types of studies.

But for autism there is a wonderful lady named Kerri Rivera who guides parents from around the globe, including me, on how to use MMS and heal our kids. She does this because its her passion to see kids get better and doesn’t charge a penny for her work. See:

For other ailments, Jim Humble, who discovered MMS has lots to information at:

Colds and cough knocked out with MMS

All my kids always used to get sick when the weather changed, back in Japan. I thought it didn’t need to happen here in sunny Singapore…guess again.

Usually, when Nathan’s colds turns to cough with sticky phlegm, I had no choice to but to medicate because I knew then that he could never expel mucus without help and his immune system would just get worse causing fever.

This weeks cough was like that. But this time, I decided to ride it through with MMS.

MMS has treated so many ailments before: fever, flu, malaria and so much more. I increased the the MMS dose of my twins. Lucky Ian also allowed me to put MMS drops in his nose to clear his green snot.

Nathan woke this morning with all smiles and minimal cough 🙂 almost there. Amor still has a cold but is so much better and energetic compared to previous non-MMS episodes. Ian has always been the strongest, he goes to school tomorrow.

Btw, at the onset, I also caught my kids colds but had fever and sore throat too. Lucky none of my kids had fever. I was tempted to go for my usual paracetamol remedy but I had to check what I was giving my kids so I drank MMS the whole day and more in the evening, when I was feeling the fever and sore throat. It knocked out my fever after the first night. Kept going until the second night and got rid of the sore throat too!

Not conventional medicine but I’m so glad I don’t have to turn to the usual antibiotics that ruin my kids gut flora and contribute immensely to autism. In fact, MMS kills unwanted gut flora and parasites and heals, yes HEALS, autism.

Nathan asked for his volunteers!

The whole week all my kids had colds and cough. Towards the end, we cancelled Nathan’s son-rise sessions with volunteers.

He must really miss his volunteers. Today Nathan said, “You want (which means ‘I want.’ pronouns are still mixed up) Tito Jay.” I was smiling with amazement because its it’s the first time he asked for his son-rise volunteers. Then he followed and again asked for “Tita Katrina.”

Imaginary play

Last Saturday, Nathan took the ball to his ear and said, “Hello?” Tito Eric, his son-rise volunteer, was amazed at Nathan’s first attempt at imaginary play…Just imagine how much more excited I was to witness that!

On Monday, Nathan took the ball again, held it on his head and said, “Hello?” Then held it against Tita Aldhel’s head and again said, “Hello?” And he did this a couple of times leaving his son-rise volunteer and myself so fascinated!

Last Thursday, yesterday and this morning, Nathan showed Tita Kitch, Tito Eric and Tita Ria his game again…imaginary play…by this point: a mastered skill!

Today, as he was perked up by his morning session, in the afternoon he showed Tita Katrina his telephone game but this time he said, “Hello (something …. sorry couldn’t catch what he said, I was just overwhelmed that he was doing it with so much engagement and expanding his play).” Then he held it to Tita Katrina’s head and said, “Hello (something)?” He did this several times as his volunteer cheered and joined him!

In one week Nathan has learned and expanded imaginary play. Imaginary play is something the so-called experts said that kids with autism DO NOT have. Not only is Nathan showing that he is capable of imaginary play, he is also capable of expanding it at an unimaginable rate! Just imagine what next week would bring?

So-called experts told me that autism is forever…Son-Rise tells me my son’s potentials are LIMITLESS!

Sharing Son-Rise with friends

This is worth all the posts I have been doing on Son-Rise!
This morning a new friend,
I met through FB, told me this:

“i have practicing son-rise for a week 30 mins daily and jervis and i have this connection as if his trusting in me…. and a min. or 2 eye contact…..i hear him imitate some word that i say…not yet clear but i am happy with that”

Yes, one week and lots of gains with eye-contact. That’s how fast son-rise results are!

Loving our son-rise journey!