Imaginary play

Last Saturday, Nathan took the ball to his ear and said, “Hello?” Tito Eric, his son-rise volunteer, was amazed at Nathan’s first attempt at imaginary play…Just imagine how much more excited I was to witness that!

On Monday, Nathan took the ball again, held it on his head and said, “Hello?” Then held it against Tita Aldhel’s head and again said, “Hello?” And he did this a couple of times leaving his son-rise volunteer and myself so fascinated!

Last Thursday, yesterday and this morning, Nathan showed Tita Kitch, Tito Eric and Tita Ria his game again…imaginary play…by this point: a mastered skill!

Today, as he was perked up by his morning session, in the afternoon he showed Tita Katrina his telephone game but this time he said, “Hello (something …. sorry couldn’t catch what he said, I was just overwhelmed that he was doing it with so much engagement and expanding his play).” Then he held it to Tita Katrina’s head and said, “Hello (something)?” He did this several times as his volunteer cheered and joined him!

In one week Nathan has learned and expanded imaginary play. Imaginary play is something the so-called experts said that kids with autism DO NOT have. Not only is Nathan showing that he is capable of imaginary play, he is also capable of expanding it at an unimaginable rate! Just imagine what next week would bring?

So-called experts told me that autism is forever…Son-Rise tells me my son’s potentials are LIMITLESS!