Marching on to #AutismRecovery

I told Papa Gil that I would walk ahead with Nathan. Amor walks slower so they were walking way behind. But Nathan kept looking back.

Nathan: (looking back) Papa, Papa…

Me: (turning the wheelchair back so Nathan was facing Papa) Louder so Papa can hear you.

Nathan: (complied) Papa!

Me: (say) Come on Papa!

Nathan: Come on Papa!

Me: Do you want to be with Papa?

Nathan: I want Papa.

So they walked hand-in-hand. ❤️

That night I was tucking Nathan to bed, enjoying our last bed-time games. Then he asked for Papa.

Nathan: Papa

Me: Do you want me to call Papa?

Nathan: Call Papa.

Me: Ok, say good night then and I’ll go call Papa.

Nathan: Good night Mama, I love you. ❤️

I was so excited to call and let Papa know that Nathan eagerly asked for him.

What a blissful day! During Nathan’s #autismregression years, when he reached 4-years-old, he became so oblivious to everyone, including his Father. Another year passed and nothing happened. I thought that he would never connect and I felt like we “lost” Nathan. Praise God for The Son-Rise Program® which taught us parents how to play and connect with Nathan!