Alternative therapies

In this autism journey, many parents continue to search for solutions. Unfortunately, too many times, we are told by the “experts”, the doctors, the scientists, some therapists, etc. that autism is a life-long condition and nothing can be done to help it. But in our hearts, we saw our kids regress into autism and we know somethings can be done.

It’s nice to know that The Autism Treatment Center of America, home of The Son-Rise Program®, is open-minded enough to listen to parents and help identify what had helped other parents:
– Bio-Medical Interventions
– Dietary Interventions
– Auditory Training Programs
– Sensory Integration Interventions
– Cranial Sacral Therapy
– The Handle Program
– Massage Therapy
– Homeopathy
– The Listening Program®
– Neuro Feedback
– The Fast ForWord® Program
– Therapeutic Horseback Riding
– Supplemental Interventions: Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential fatty acids, etc.
– Enzyme Therapy – Highly recommend enzymes by Enzymedica®
– The Defeat Autism Now Protocol
– The Alert Program

This is the kind of help parents need to know. We need know what we can do to help our kids. We don’t need to be told to stop trying because there is no scientific evidence…yet, supporting alternative interventions.

Shelley’s Testimony

One month was really short, but in that one month that I stayed in Singapore, I learned new things and heard about miracles.

Between the twins, Amor was much makulit because she was curious with the reactions of people on her actions. Tita Chris had some suggestions how to handle it. First, do not show big reactions because it will just make her repeat it. Second, tell Amor that I love her. Third, tickle her. Although this was not what most of the parents would do, I tried all of the suggestions and I found that tickling her was the most effective because it made the both of us laugh and it became somehow our playtime.

For Nathan, joining him (tapping the ball) was really important. The first time Tita Chris asked me if I wanted to play Son-Rise with Nathan, I got scared because I did not know how to join him the right way. So when I found Nathan alone, I practiced my joining skills! Hopefully it got better after my first time. After a lot of joining, I had short interactions with Nathan. And his smile, it was like an award for me every time he smiled at me.

But in that one month, I always admired Tita Chris and Tito Mike because they did not give up when the doctors said that there was no chance of recovery. They did not get tired of looking for ways to make the twins get better. They still wanted to share to everyone the Son-Rise program despite their busy schedule with work and with the kids. I would always admire their patience and attitude towards the children.

I do not know if I can be considered a volunteer for Nathan, but in those few sessions I had with him, it was very fulfilling to be able to be part of his miracle. And maybe by being a volunteer, the story of the miracle of Son-Rise program will spread.

Nathan remembers all his volunteers

Though it was a repetitive conversation, Nathan actually uses the repetition to learn to ask and answer questions.

First he initiated, “I remember Crystal.” She was his favorite nurse when we went to China in 2009. So I though of asking about the other nurses. I would ask, “Do you remember Nurse Amy?” Nathan would smile as he answered, “I remember Nurse Amy.” I asked about all the nurses then doctors and Nathan acknowledged he remembered.

Then I asked about all his Son-Rise Volunteers. He would smile as he recalled and replied, “I remember .” The cute thing was that as I mentioned a volunteer that I know he has a crush on, he would laugh and jump as he replied, “I remember Tita Leda!” As I asked about other volunteers his face would light up or he would get excited and jump as he replied. He was probably recalling the fun piggy-back rides or songs his volunteers sang as he replied they he remembered them.

Then I wanted to enumerate his volunteers from way back 2012, when we used to live in Japan. I asked, “Do you remember Marie?” Nathan had a big smile on his face as he answered, “I remember Marie!” Nathan continued, “Priyanka?” Wow! He asked me even before I got to ask him if he remembered Priyanka!

Marie and Priyanka were few of Nathan’s first volunteers when we set-up his Son-Rise Program. They would come over from school, which was walking distance from our home. Even on holidays they would come all the way to our house to Son-Rise Nathan! And even if at that time, Nathan had no intentional speech, he actually still remembers them!!!

What a blissful journey it has been!

In the photo is Nathan and Marie back in 2012.


Best Singer

When Nathan was younger, he didn’t mind that Mama couldn’t sing and he didn’t mind that Mama couldn’t play the guitar. As far as he was concerned, Mama was the best jukebox!

Now that he has developed his love and taste for music, whenever I attempt to sing to him, he turns to Papa and insists, “Papa play the guitar please.” He won’t stop requesting. It’s like almost saying, “Please take the guitar and stop Mama from singing!”

Look at the big smile on his face while listening to Papa playing and singing. As for Mama’s concert…well, I had my time 🙂


Challenges we cherish

What to do? Now Nathan is so expressive and persistent. In so many words he said he wanted to go to the beach, he wanted to touch the water, he wanted to swim in the beach, he wanted to ride the boat etc….But not once could I say “yes” to his wonderful requests. And he was so patient listening to my explanations why.

To think, before we started our Son-Rise Program®, Nathan had zero intentional speech. Lots of echolia and picking up scripts from TV but no real communication. The most effective Son-Rise tool that helped (among so many amazing Son-Rise tools!) was to be a “YES” Mom. Grant “yes” to every request so that the child with autism learns that when I use my words (or when I even attempt to use words), Mom moves! So I will use my words more knowing it moves people. And sure enough Nathan gained so much language in the first 3 months of Son-Rise, far exceeding whatever he gained in 3 years of all sorts of therapies.

Well, now that’s he’s spontaneously talking and being so persistent…what to do? Hahaha, these are the kind of problems autism moms cherish!!!


Today’s Blessings

We went to the park. As I asked Nathan to get off his wheelchair and walk across the field, a young man approached us with curiosity about Nathan needing help to walk. I told him about Nathan prematurity and cerebral palsy affecting his ability to control his legs and walk. I also mentioned autism. Surprisingly, he was already aware of autism. He said anything is possible and asked my religion.

I got his e-mail and told him I would send some information about The Son-Rise Program and see if he wanted to be in Nathan’s team. I have no guarantees he will even consider joining our team. But already it felt nice that someone would be kind enough to approach Nathan and myself, offer wonderful possibilities with God’s help.

That was a refreshing encounter and totally different experience from the more common stares I get when I’m with Nathan, almost as if expressing, “What happened to him?” Or sometimes after hearing Nathan’s echolalic language, I see facial reactions that express, “What’s wrong with him?”

There are many good people on this earth and I believe we will encounter many more as Nathan, and other with special-needs children, grow-up and start working with society.

I used to have fear that no one would love and care for Nathan, especially after my husband and I pass away. I was wrong. I can help create the community that my son needs to help him grow and fully express his goodness.