Today’s Blessings

We went to the park. As I asked Nathan to get off his wheelchair and walk across the field, a young man approached us with curiosity about Nathan needing help to walk. I told him about Nathan prematurity and cerebral palsy affecting his ability to control his legs and walk. I also mentioned autism. Surprisingly, he was already aware of autism. He said anything is possible and asked my religion.

I got his e-mail and told him I would send some information about The Son-Rise Program and see if he wanted to be in Nathan’s team. I have no guarantees he will even consider joining our team. But already it felt nice that someone would be kind enough to approach Nathan and myself, offer wonderful possibilities with God’s help.

That was a refreshing encounter and totally different experience from the more common stares I get when I’m with Nathan, almost as if expressing, “What happened to him?” Or sometimes after hearing Nathan’s echolalic language, I see facial reactions that express, “What’s wrong with him?”

There are many good people on this earth and I believe we will encounter many more as Nathan, and other with special-needs children, grow-up and start working with society.

I used to have fear that no one would love and care for Nathan, especially after my husband and I pass away. I was wrong. I can help create the community that my son needs to help him grow and fully express his goodness.