Challenges we cherish

What to do? Now Nathan is so expressive and persistent. In so many words he said he wanted to go to the beach, he wanted to touch the water, he wanted to swim in the beach, he wanted to ride the boat etc….But not once could I say “yes” to his wonderful requests. And he was so patient listening to my explanations why.

To think, before we started our Son-Rise ProgramĀ®, Nathan had zero intentional speech. Lots of echolia and picking up scripts from TV but no real communication. The most effective Son-Rise tool that helped (among so many amazing Son-Rise tools!) was to be a “YES” Mom. Grant “yes” to every request so that the child with autism learns that when I use my words (or when I even attempt to use words), Mom moves! So I will use my words more knowing it moves people. And sure enough Nathan gained so much language in the first 3 months of Son-Rise, far exceeding whatever he gained in 3 years of all sorts of therapies.

Well, now that’s he’s spontaneously talking and being so persistent…what to do? Hahaha, these are the kind of problems autism moms cherish!!!