Shelley’s Testimony

One month was really short, but in that one month that I stayed in Singapore, I learned new things and heard about miracles.

Between the twins, Amor was much makulit because she was curious with the reactions of people on her actions. Tita Chris had some suggestions how to handle it. First, do not show big reactions because it will just make her repeat it. Second, tell Amor that I love her. Third, tickle her. Although this was not what most of the parents would do, I tried all of the suggestions and I found that tickling her was the most effective because it made the both of us laugh and it became somehow our playtime.

For Nathan, joining him (tapping the ball) was really important. The first time Tita Chris asked me if I wanted to play Son-Rise with Nathan, I got scared because I did not know how to join him the right way. So when I found Nathan alone, I practiced my joining skills! Hopefully it got better after my first time. After a lot of joining, I had short interactions with Nathan. And his smile, it was like an award for me every time he smiled at me.

But in that one month, I always admired Tita Chris and Tito Mike because they did not give up when the doctors said that there was no chance of recovery. They did not get tired of looking for ways to make the twins get better. They still wanted to share to everyone the Son-Rise program despite their busy schedule with work and with the kids. I would always admire their patience and attitude towards the children.

I do not know if I can be considered a volunteer for Nathan, but in those few sessions I had with him, it was very fulfilling to be able to be part of his miracle. And maybe by being a volunteer, the story of the miracle of Son-Rise program will spread.