Nathan remembers all his volunteers

Though it was a repetitive conversation, Nathan actually uses the repetition to learn to ask and answer questions.

First he initiated, “I remember Crystal.” She was his favorite nurse when we went to China in 2009. So I though of asking about the other nurses. I would ask, “Do you remember Nurse Amy?” Nathan would smile as he answered, “I remember Nurse Amy.” I asked about all the nurses then doctors and Nathan acknowledged he remembered.

Then I asked about all his Son-Rise Volunteers. He would smile as he recalled and replied, “I remember .” The cute thing was that as I mentioned a volunteer that I know he has a crush on, he would laugh and jump as he replied, “I remember Tita Leda!” As I asked about other volunteers his face would light up or he would get excited and jump as he replied. He was probably recalling the fun piggy-back rides or songs his volunteers sang as he replied they he remembered them.

Then I wanted to enumerate his volunteers from way back 2012, when we used to live in Japan. I asked, “Do you remember Marie?” Nathan had a big smile on his face as he answered, “I remember Marie!” Nathan continued, “Priyanka?” Wow! He asked me even before I got to ask him if he remembered Priyanka!

Marie and Priyanka were few of Nathan’s first volunteers when we set-up his Son-Rise Program. They would come over from school, which was walking distance from our home. Even on holidays they would come all the way to our house to Son-Rise Nathan! And even if at that time, Nathan had no intentional speech, he actually still remembers them!!!

What a blissful journey it has been!

In the photo is Nathan and Marie back in 2012.