Alternative therapies

In this autism journey, many parents continue to search for solutions. Unfortunately, too many times, we are told by the “experts”, the doctors, the scientists, some therapists, etc. that autism is a life-long condition and nothing can be done to help it. But in our hearts, we saw our kids regress into autism and we know somethings can be done.

It’s nice to know that The Autism Treatment Center of America, home of The Son-Rise Program®, is open-minded enough to listen to parents and help identify what had helped other parents:
– Bio-Medical Interventions
– Dietary Interventions
– Auditory Training Programs
– Sensory Integration Interventions
– Cranial Sacral Therapy
– The Handle Program
– Massage Therapy
– Homeopathy
– The Listening Program®
– Neuro Feedback
– The Fast ForWord® Program
– Therapeutic Horseback Riding
– Supplemental Interventions: Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential fatty acids, etc.
– Enzyme Therapy – Highly recommend enzymes by Enzymedica®
– The Defeat Autism Now Protocol
– The Alert Program

This is the kind of help parents need to know. We need know what we can do to help our kids. We don’t need to be told to stop trying because there is no scientific evidence…yet, supporting alternative interventions.