Colds and cough knocked out with MMS

All my kids always used to get sick when the weather changed, back in Japan. I thought it didn’t need to happen here in sunny Singapore…guess again.

Usually, when Nathan’s colds turns to cough with sticky phlegm, I had no choice to but to medicate because I knew then that he could never expel mucus without help and his immune system would just get worse causing fever.

This weeks cough was like that. But this time, I decided to ride it through with MMS.

MMS has treated so many ailments before: fever, flu, malaria and so much more. I increased the the MMS dose of my twins. Lucky Ian also allowed me to put MMS drops in his nose to clear his green snot.

Nathan woke this morning with all smiles and minimal cough 🙂 almost there. Amor still has a cold but is so much better and energetic compared to previous non-MMS episodes. Ian has always been the strongest, he goes to school tomorrow.

Btw, at the onset, I also caught my kids colds but had fever and sore throat too. Lucky none of my kids had fever. I was tempted to go for my usual paracetamol remedy but I had to check what I was giving my kids so I drank MMS the whole day and more in the evening, when I was feeling the fever and sore throat. It knocked out my fever after the first night. Kept going until the second night and got rid of the sore throat too!

Not conventional medicine but I’m so glad I don’t have to turn to the usual antibiotics that ruin my kids gut flora and contribute immensely to autism. In fact, MMS kills unwanted gut flora and parasites and heals, yes HEALS, autism.