Those long awaited moments!

OMG! As Nathan rode the school bus, he said, “Bye-bye, see you later.” I was still getting Amor onto the bus on so I kinda missed indulging in that lovely goodbye. So I said good-bye to him again hoping he would respond again. He did! Then after the door closed I blew him a kiss and he blew one right back at me! OMG!

This is one of the moments I have looooong been waiting for and it’s better than I expected! A year ago I used to get blank stares as I helped him onto the bus, made exaggerated faces while saying animated goodbyes to him. Few months back saying one goodbye had become an “acquired skill” but mostly still needed prompting. There are days when he just wouldn’t say it. This was all his initiative and he kept at it until the bus left!

Here’s a photo of my twins waiting for their school bus. Amor was watching YouTube 🙂


It’s getting so easy teaching Amor

It’s so easy teaching Amor to follow instructions now. Mind you this is a laptop (not iPad), which requires more fine motor and hand-eye-coordination skills. Both of which has been her weakness for years.

Plus she doesn’t even get frustrated trying and easily laughs at her mistakes and tries and tries again. She used to be so irritable and frustrated as soon as she couldn’t do things.

This has got to be the chlorine dioxide (formerly called MMS)!



Chlorine Dioxide defeats malaria

How can something so cheap and so simple as a water purifier be so effective in combating a disease with no known cure? ….until now!

This water purifier is known as MMS or Chlorine Dioxide (CD). It is not Sodium Hypo chloride (NaClO or bleach).

154 people came infected with malaria. After drinking MMS in water, 143 (or 93%) had no malaria the next day. The remaining 11 persons did not drink the proper dose and spat out their purified water. They were asked to drink the correct MMS dose again. They came back on their 3rd day, cured.

This very same CD is helping us combat autism.

ATEC improvement

ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) is a simple but effective tool to measure the effectiveness of various autism treatments. An ATEC score below 10 indicates the child has no autism. The higher the number, the more autistic.

Before MMS (December 2012), Nathan scored 81. Now, 4 months after, his scores 71! A 10-point drop! We have a long way to go but we are certainly on the right path!

Most of Nathan’s gains are in the social skills area. Nathan is always excited about his son-rise volunteers coming over. He guesses who is coming for the day. After I confirm who it will be, he will keep anticipating, “(Volunteer’s name) is coming!” When our volunteer finally arrives, Nathan’s face always light up as he escorts them to the son-rise room. Even after sessions, when I’m talking to the volunteers, Nathan will come over and sit next to his volunteer.

Thank you to the most amazing Son-Rise team!

Dyslexia or not?

We just had a good meeting with all of Amor’s teachers and therapists. In the last few months there has been big jumps in Amor’s cognitive skills.

I used to worry that Amor might have dyslexia. I never pushed her to read even if was behind her peers. I know frustration will only make things worse. Her ‘x’ and ‘k’, ‘b’ and ‘d’ were always mixed up. I have been observing this mix up for the past 2 years. Early this year, her speech therapist agreed that dyslexia might be an issue and we were ready to start studying dyslexia management.

However, Amor now shows interest in reading both phonics and sight words. She can answer letter names and sounds precisely. The same speech therapist now says that we shouldn’t look at dyslexia anymore. It might have simply been a mix-up as part of early learning. Amor’s dyslexia issues in 2 years all of a sudden went away in 2 months??

Amor is also doing well with number recognition and improving in one-to-one correspondence. This is something her former speech therapist (back in Japan) was working on for a year…with little progress.

All these seem so simple but these are great strides from someone who has vision issues. Amor also wears glasses.

If I were to plot Amor’s improvements with time, the biggest jumped occurred in the past few months, which of course can easily be explained by MMS.

MMS clears the gut of bad bacteria, yeast and parasites. All these affect sensory processing thus inhibiting the child’s ability to understand her environment and people around her. Clean the gut, remove autism…in Amor’s case, remove GDD.

We are also running a son-rise lifestyle program. I.e. we don’t put fixed hours into her program but use the son-rise attitude and son-rise her in the weekends.

More cognitive gains

So much cognitive gains for Nathan this week. When he asks for things he now adds so much detail: pink spiky ball, green guitar, fish bottle, want to eat broccoli (or meat) only, etc. He knows and tells us exactly what he wants.

For choice questions he used to simply answer by echoing the last choice given to him. This time, he will think about the choices and answer appropriately. That’s especially if the choices are tangible and not hard to grasp concepts.

When the ball fell under his bed he said, “Where’s the ball?” That’s his first unprompted where question.

He’s also moving around more. He can finally ride his car on his own now and somewhat propel it too. Aside from autism, Nathan has issues walking and balancing (cerebral palsy).

When I told him that his son-rise volunteer was coming he got excited and said, “I want Tita Pam now please.” Wish I had the powers to beam her in when that happened.

During their session, as with recent sessions, Nathan moved around the room a lot and explored different activities. On the past, Nathan would only stick to one or few things to do for the whole son-rise session.

It’s exciting imagining what this year will bring us.

What is MMS for autism?

MMS is a cheap, simple chemical: ClO2. It was accidentally discovered when a man ailing from malaria was given purified water, which was the first MMS. He got better in 4 hours.

Big pharma does not make and sell it because it is cheap and it cures…it does not only mask symptoms so people keep needing to buy it. Otherwise big pharma will run out of business if they sell and start curing everyone.

Doctors won’t prescribe it because no one will make double-blind, clinical studies on a cheap product that won’t give them profit. Only big pharma has money for those types of studies.

But for autism there is a wonderful lady named Kerri Rivera who guides parents from around the globe, including me, on how to use MMS and heal our kids. She does this because its her passion to see kids get better and doesn’t charge a penny for her work. See:

For other ailments, Jim Humble, who discovered MMS has lots to information at:

Colds and cough knocked out with MMS

All my kids always used to get sick when the weather changed, back in Japan. I thought it didn’t need to happen here in sunny Singapore…guess again.

Usually, when Nathan’s colds turns to cough with sticky phlegm, I had no choice to but to medicate because I knew then that he could never expel mucus without help and his immune system would just get worse causing fever.

This weeks cough was like that. But this time, I decided to ride it through with MMS.

MMS has treated so many ailments before: fever, flu, malaria and so much more. I increased the the MMS dose of my twins. Lucky Ian also allowed me to put MMS drops in his nose to clear his green snot.

Nathan woke this morning with all smiles and minimal cough 🙂 almost there. Amor still has a cold but is so much better and energetic compared to previous non-MMS episodes. Ian has always been the strongest, he goes to school tomorrow.

Btw, at the onset, I also caught my kids colds but had fever and sore throat too. Lucky none of my kids had fever. I was tempted to go for my usual paracetamol remedy but I had to check what I was giving my kids so I drank MMS the whole day and more in the evening, when I was feeling the fever and sore throat. It knocked out my fever after the first night. Kept going until the second night and got rid of the sore throat too!

Not conventional medicine but I’m so glad I don’t have to turn to the usual antibiotics that ruin my kids gut flora and contribute immensely to autism. In fact, MMS kills unwanted gut flora and parasites and heals, yes HEALS, autism.

We’re playing Name-that-tune again!

We’re back! In 2.5 months MMS has been giving me back what I have been missing for 4 years!

Last night, Nathan was playing “Name that Tune” with me! He would give me key words and I would sing the songs for him. This time his selection of songs were from nursery rhymes and some pop music he enjoys.

When he was 2-years-old, we played the same game with his favorite nursery rhymes. However, after that age, Nathan stopped playing, he did less singing and more humming, he had more blank stares, lost eye-contact, became withdrawn, he became echolalic, started stimming, lost interest in people…and finally the autism diagnosis at age 4. At age 5, his Developmental Neurologist assessed his cognitive level to be equivalent to that if a 1.5 year old. What happened? I have always known that something was causing autism and it can be reversed. We have a long way to go but were certainly on the right track!

In the last 2 years, 85 kids have recovered from autism using MMS…one day Nathan’s name will be on that list!

What we have been doing:
Biomedical intervention
1. MMS (
2. Gluten-free, casein-free, sugar free diet (GFCFSF)
3. Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet…just starting.
4. Trace minerals for Nathan’s cerebral palsy (Preemie Growth Project)

Therapy of choice:
Son-Rise Program! (