What is MMS for autism?

MMS is a cheap, simple chemical: ClO2. It was accidentally discovered when a man ailing from malaria was given purified water, which was the first MMS. He got better in 4 hours.

Big pharma does not make and sell it because it is cheap and it cures…it does not only mask symptoms so people keep needing to buy it. Otherwise big pharma will run out of business if they sell and start curing everyone.

Doctors won’t prescribe it because no one will make double-blind, clinical studies on a cheap product that won’t give them profit. Only big pharma has money for those types of studies.

But for autism there is a wonderful lady named Kerri Rivera who guides parents from around the globe, including me, on how to use MMS and heal our kids. She does this because its her passion to see kids get better and doesn’t charge a penny for her work. See: www.MMSAutism.com

For other ailments, Jim Humble, who discovered MMS has lots to information at: