Dyslexia or not?

We just had a good meeting with all of Amor’s teachers and therapists. In the last few months there has been big jumps in Amor’s cognitive skills.

I used to worry that Amor might have dyslexia. I never pushed her to read even if was behind her peers. I know frustration will only make things worse. Her ‘x’ and ‘k’, ‘b’ and ‘d’ were always mixed up. I have been observing this mix up for the past 2 years. Early this year, her speech therapist agreed that dyslexia might be an issue and we were ready to start studying dyslexia management.

However, Amor now shows interest in reading both phonics and sight words. She can answer letter names and sounds precisely. The same speech therapist now says that we shouldn’t look at dyslexia anymore. It might have simply been a mix-up as part of early learning. Amor’s dyslexia issues in 2 years all of a sudden went away in 2 months??

Amor is also doing well with number recognition and improving in one-to-one correspondence. This is something her former speech therapist (back in Japan) was working on for a year…with little progress.

All these seem so simple but these are great strides from someone who has vision issues. Amor also wears glasses.

If I were to plot Amor’s improvements with time, the biggest jumped occurred in the past few months, which of course can easily be explained by MMS.

MMS clears the gut of bad bacteria, yeast and parasites. All these affect sensory processing thus inhibiting the child’s ability to understand her environment and people around her. Clean the gut, remove autism…in Amor’s case, remove GDD.

We are also running a son-rise lifestyle program. I.e. we don’t put fixed hours into her program but use the son-rise attitude and son-rise her in the weekends.