What to do if Nathan gives you green lights (not isming) but does not seem to be paying attention?

Advice from a son-rise facilitator and other son-rise parents:

– Give child chance to take in what you are doing. Many times, it seems the child is not paying attention, I find they really are.

– From other parents: It takes our child 45 (some 20 to 30) seconds to process what we are saying…Sometimes even 30 minutes or hours later.

….Let’s try to establish Nathan’s response time.

– Child hears but needs time to think things through…process language.

– Pause, pause, pause, one of my favorite and most useful techniques….if you think you have paused long enough, pause longer!

– We have noticed (child’s) response time was 15 minutes, now it is decreasing.

….I haven’t specifically monitored Nathan’s response time but I do believe it has decreased. Or it is almost immediate if he is happy with the interact. Then it slows down towards the end, when he gets tired and needs a break.