2012 After 4 Months

Excerpts from Monthly meeting:

New Observations

Note: Nathan started megadoses of vitamins (DAN protocol)

More interactive with Papa. Asks for piggy-back ride, hug, “sleep next to me”. Follows Papa around and watch him get things from closet.

Notices surroundings more. Like when Ian was at a distance, talking to Mom and complaining about his blanket, Nathan said, “What happened to the blanket?” Made further observations and said, “Angry…Ian is angry.”

Attentive even outside son-rise room, in a semi-controlled environment like the zoo at off peak day. He named large animals and mastered the theme park.

He now chooses to end his isms. If he is isming with a toy, he will hand it to you and say, “Thank you.” If he is watching TV, he will end viewing and give you the cue to turn TV off by saying, “Good bye .”

He is more consistent in creating new sentences. Eg, the space ship looks like a tunnel (it really did). Or the air plane looks like a space ship.

He is more persistent. If you do not respond to is request, he will look at you and say it louder.

Nathan’s current status:
Eye-contact – stage 3
Communication – stage 3
Interactive Attention Span – stage 3
Flexibility – emerging stage 3