2012 After 5 months

In the past month, we have only spent about 1 – 2 hours per day of proper son-rise plus the son-rise attitude at home. Most volunteers are on summer holidays with their families. Our family is also busy transitioning from Japan and will soon transfer to Singapore. Nevertheless, new observations have been observed in Nathan’s willingness to socialize.

1. Nathan says “hello” and “hi” more frequently, even to non-son-rise volunteers and family members.
2. Nathan also acknowledges presence of people more by saying, “That’s Mama/Papa/Lolo/Tita (aunt)___/Tito (uncle)___” while pointing at the person.
3. Nathan asked the question, “Where are we” in new home and at Harbor Land. Prior to that, Nathan would only ask “what” questions.
4. Nathan is saying more words and less “ismy” sounds.
5. When asked, “Do you remember teacher__/ relatives/ friends, etc?” Nathan will respond in perfect sentences, “I remember …”
6. Nathan played with Legos appropriately for the first time.

Current Status in the Son-Rise Social Development Model

Eye-contact – stage 3
Communication – stage 3
Interactive attention span – stage 2/3
Flexibility – stage 3