2012 After 7 months

(just realized this got stuck in the drafts box)

Since we are still transitioning from Japan to Singapore, Nathan’s Son-Rise Program is also “transitioning.” Nevertheless, Nathan continues to progress. Luckily Grandma Dolly was with us in the first month. She particularly spent so much time with Nathan. Grandma’s instinctive love and attention is precisely son-rise.

The following are new observations within the months of August and September, 2012.

Nathan observes people more. He pulled the shoulder of the hotel manager so she would face him. He then examined her face and said accurately, “That’s Sherly.” he knew her name since she introduced herself to Amor 10 minutes prior. Another situation was with Meily, the cleaning lady. He really likes her. He follows her around the apartment and describes what she does. Like, “Meily is sweeping the floor/holding the vacuum cleaner/changing the bed sheets, etc.”

He is starting to show that he’s getting his schedule figured out. When he gets into his school uniform, he says, “Let’s go see teacher Eden!”. Or while waiting he says, “Let’s wait for the school van.”

He’s very persistent now. He knows I always get him what he wants, so if I didn’t hear him, he’ll request in a louder voice. He will even try to reach my chin to get my full attention.

Since Nathan can now express his needs very well, tantrums have been reduced. When we headed to the elevator, he wanted to explore saying, “I want to see (what’s around the hallway).” So I waited for him to go around and satisfy his curiosity. Then he oriented himself and repeated it on the other side again saying, “I want to see.” So while was pressing for time (school bus was coming), I had to be patient because he said what he wanted. If he hadn’t been able to express himself, I would probably be playing tug-o-war with him into the elevator and start a tantrum.

Nathan’s greeting skill is emerging! Hurray! I’ve long been waiting for this. With minimal prompting, he says, “Good night (name of person),” “hello” and “good bye”. Occasionally he will say hello with no prompts whatsoever. He’ll even call out peoples names to greet them. Funny, if he can’t recall the name he’ll say, “hello Tita Other?” He uses the word “other” to fill in the blanks.

Sensory-wise, he can handle his brother or sister’s crying or screaming better. He used to act irritable in response to someone crying. Now, it seems
He has adjusted with only occasional tantrums when someone else is shouting.

Nathan is getting really good at phonics. He used to simply spell out words, from memory like, “A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T…Alphabet!” Now he picks up any word or name and will accurately identify the beginning letter like “T for teeth”. He enjoys it so much he consistently and accurately does this throughout the day with different words or names.

There are few instances when Nathan corrects me and insists that he is right. One morning we were waiting for his school service vehicle. I decided to call it a school “bus” and sing the song “the wheels on the bus” while waiting. As the the “bus” drove by, Nathan corrected me and accurately pointed out “That’s a van!”. Now, every morning, he will say, “let’s wait for the school van.” Smart kid.

Nathan has done 2 and even 3 loop conversations. We need more practice on this one but it’s an emerging skill. He also does well with 2-step processes/commands which we targeted to encourage 2-loop conversations.

I thought I wouldn’t have much to say about Nathan’s progress, considering we’re no where close to a full-time son-rise program. But even just having the son-rise attitude at home goes a long way! Loving the son-rise program!