2012 After 2 months

The biggest improvement that all volunteers have noticed was in Nathan’s eye-contact. 2 months ago, Nathan must have “ismed” almost the whole time that a volunteer was with him and sporadically looked at them. Now, the reverse is true. Nathan now looks directly at them and sporadically has short “isms”.

Nathan also now clearly expresses his wants using language and gestures. He also looks around the room more exploring the different things he might want to do instead to maintaining one “ism” toy for hours.

Nathan has moved from Stage 2 to 3 in terms of eye-contact and non-verbal communication in the Son-Rise Program Social Development Model. All other stages remain in level 2.

Nathan has also made tremendous gains in physical improvements. At the rate he’s going, he can be a great athlete one day…even if he has cerebral palsy.