Nathan’s Volunteers

You don’t only spend much of your precious spare time to help us connect with Nathan. You don’t only help free us some time to nurture our other children (Amor and Ian). You don’t only celebrate with us all of Nathan’s achievements – big and small. But you also love and accept Nathan for who he is! Thank you for your love!

Volunteers back in Japan (2012): Tala Noel, Marie Kuyumgyan, Priyanka Sachdiva, Monica Qua Hiansen, Lisa Qua Hiansen, Kristine Yu, Annette Davis, Jack Mang, Mart de Silva, Edwin Varias

Volunteers in Singapore (2013): Eric Uy, Pam Diocos, Aldhel Adique, Kitch Ramos, Buddie Alcantara, Kate Benitez, Katrina Palami, Jay Samar, Ria Acosta, Andy Co

Current Volunteers (2014): Kitch Ramos, Buddie Alcantara, Aldhel Adique, Mega Cunanan, Donald Villamero, Caesar Sunio