We started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy last week. Same type they do for sports injuries.

We’ve only gotten 4 dives. One dive is an hour of pressurized oxygen (50%) per day. Already I know Nathan is more energized at walking. He tugs less on my hand when walking so I know he’s also balancing himself better.

I know they (HbOT doctors and patents who have tried) say you need 40 dives to see improvements (for autism and CP) but I’m sure I’m already seeing physical improvements.

Nathan’s PT has even changed strategies based on improvements. Before, he said, because Nathan’s walking form was not good, it was not advisable to let him walk alone. It was better to hold him a certain way to correct his walking. Now, therapist thinks his form has improved so walking on his own, for as long as he can/wants, will be good for muscle strengthening.

PS. He has been wearing ankle-foot braces (AFOs) for some months now. That may have helped improve his walking form. But energy-wise, there has been a dramatic improvement since HbOT.