One-on-one Session November 24, 2011 (Hannah)

Today, I went to visit Nathan at around 4:15. This was my second session with him, and I was excited. I stayed for about 15 minutes, shorter than I wished to. During the time I was there, he was interested in me. He said hi to me by simply looking at me, and I could see that although he may not have say “Hi,” he was somewhat mouthing it. During the time, he was interested in me. I turned my back once to find a toy, and he instantly grabbed me to get my attention! And when I tapped my fingers, he began to tap his fingers as well. When I tapped in a different location, he followed to do the same thing. He was also interested in my hair, touching it but not pulling it, and he liked my necklace as well.

I had his attention most of the time, and almost time when I handed him a handkerchief, he wiped his mouth when he drooled. He was able to ask me where the swing was! It was there last session, and not this time. However, when I didn’t have his attention, he played the toy piano.

After 15 minutes, he started calling for the nanny, and his mom. At first, I was worried I had scared him somehow, but I realized he was tired, and needed a nap, and called for the nanny. She calmed him down, and I left. As I was leaving, he sang several songs, Totoro theme song and Rock-a-Bye Baby. He waved good-bye.

I thought I had his attention most of the time, and that he did really well. I hope this attention will keep up in the future, and hopefully I can eventually get his full attention.