One-on-one Session December 5, 2011 (Monica)

Our session today was from about 4:30-5:30pm.  We began by looking at the new counting pop up book. He identified some of the animals in the book, but became distracted by the texture of the book and started scratching his nails on the flaps.

Nathan asked for flashcards, so we went over about 20 flashcards including pig and jeans. At times, he would become distracted and start flapping two cards at once. Every time I presented a new flashcard, I would make the same announcing sound (tada!) That would make him focus on the new card and stop playing with the old one. Each time the new card was presented, he’d say, “What is this?” followed by the name of the card. We stopped once he started licking the cards.

I sang Rainbow Connection and Do You Love Me to get his attention, but he was unresponsive.

I tried getting him to play do on the piano, since it was marked by a red sticker, but he was more interested in the upper buttons.

Later on, we danced and sang to the new Kid Songs DVD. We did not watch the screen. Instead, he stayed seated while I stood in front of him, singing along to the words and making up hand motions. The particularly successful song was Monkeys on the Bed. When I started making motions (e.g. calling during the part where Mama called the doctor and the doctor said), he began to imitate me. He maintained strong eye contact during the entire song and seemed to enjoy the music.

I also tried to get him to clap during the song. He would clap occasionally – though perhaps the song was too up-tempo for him to follow along.