One-on-one Session January 27, 2012 (Monica)

Nathan and I worked for about 25 minutes today. He asked me to unwrap his cookie without prompting, mentioning my name in the request. He also spontaneously asked for the camera, sunflower and giraffe toys. He became distracted by each toy though. In fact, he was quite tired during dinner and went to bed early.

Earlier, he sang two songs spontaneously with his microphone. He also snapped on his own when I played My Girl using the iPad. Whenever the iPad screen went dark, he’d ask, “What happened to the screen?”

I sang A Whole New World to him, and he actually repeated the phrase “magic carpet ride.” Perhaps he has seen Aladdin before? He also mentioned Paul Bunyan twice. I’m not sure where he learned about the American folk tale lumberjack.