Taking time out for out door sensory therapy

It’s a little hard working on Nathan’s son-rise program when his twin sister and younger brother are home, like on Saturdays. So today I decided to take Nathan out for a walk.

A full-time son-rise program would recommend that the child stays in the son-rise program playroom all the time. The room is designed specifically to remove all distractions so that the child’s focus will remain on the son-rise facilitator. A conducive environment can help enhance the growth of the child. True enough, Nathan performs his best in his son-rise room.

These are some of the reasons why it is not the best idea to bring an autistic child out…but I’ll consider this a break and exercise for both of us.

1. Nathan has to pass by all the fire extinguishers on the way out. It doesn’t matter what I say, or even that I am around, as long as he gets to touch the attention-grabbing fire extinguishers.

2. If I had Nathan’s attention, he could easily read “FIRE” and a lot of other words but the red color just really catches his attention. Watch the video.

Passing through all the fire extinguishers on the way out

3. I guess the outdoors is a great way to stimulate the senses. Just feel the cold breeze on your face, the spikes on the bushes, the bounce as you put your weight on the bushes, the texture of the grass, the heat from wearing a bonnet in the spring 🙂 . With all that sensory input, who would want to listen to Mommy?

Sensory therapy outdoors

4. It wouldn’t matter if that video was 4 minutes or 30 minutes long. Nathan will find something to “ism” away with and ignore me. In the end, I had to carry him to the front of our building and encourage him to walk home.

5. Of course, on the way back, we have to pass through the fire extinguishers again!

Taking time to get home