Nathan suddenly knows how to play with Legos

Nathan does not normally play with toys because he tends to put them in his mouth. Until now, his way to exploring his world is still predominantly through his taste buds. But today was great! While we were playing with Legos, he purposefully said, “I want to build a tall building.” He proceeded and really made one, almost entirely by himself.

About an hour, or so prior, to that wonderful even, I simply “joined” Nathan the Son-Rise way. When he mouthed the Lego, I tasted one too; when he tapped it against teeth, I checked out the vibration too; then when he was ready, I challenged him to put one block on top of the other.

Today, all I planned to gain was to get Nathan to put a block on top, a step at a time. Then pull them a part, a block at a time. All in single step commands. But he showed me he could understand and certainly do a lot more!

It’s one of those son-rise moments when a switch seems to just have turned on. All of a sudden Nathan knows how to play with Legos.

I wonder what we’re going to build tomorrow?