Useful Replacement Beliefs to Live By

From Bears Kaufman, co-founder of the the Son-Rise Program for Autism/Autism Treatment Center of America


Replace “I can’t” to “Yes, I can.”
Replace “I don’t know” to “I do know.”
Replace “I am not sure” to “Yes, I’m sure.”
Replace “No one cares” to “I care and that’s enough!”

Am I saying it’s that easy…that simple, that direct? When you put yourself on the road to transformation, you can use any tool to help facilitate the changes you want. Replacing beliefs that don’t serve you with beliefs that do serve you — ah, well, that’s like a cerebral chocolate truffle! You can start simple, one belief at a time. However, starting here, right now, greases the wheels to the new, improved you.

Go ahead…pick one belief about yourself and the world that been dogging you and flip it — REPLACE IT WITH A NEW REPLACEMENT BELIEF. Review the new belief in your thoughts, visual where and how it would work…and get going.

What belief will you pick to change and what will your replacement belief be? Let me know if you’d like and please share this simple concept with everyone you know (so they, too, can put themselves on the path to change). Change can be simple. Change can be easy. And change can be done without pain and grief. What are you going to change today?

Love and smiles, Bears Barry Neil Kaufman (Author HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE and SON-RISE:THE MIRACLE CONTINUES and Co-Founder Option Institute/Autism Treatment Center of America)


I used to believe I was a good starter but had a hard time finishing. I ran races and walked in the last kilometers breaking my personal promise to run my best the whole way. I couldn’t finish my 9 months of pregnancy but instead give birth to my premature twins (7 months).

Now, I believe: I can finish this! I can run Nathan’s Son-Rise Program and finish it! Nathan (and most especially I) will graduate from the program. He will make friends, have a best friend, accomplish anything he sets his mind on doing, etc.