Playing with Amor

Last night at bed, Amor was playing with Nathan and I was watching them with amazement.

Amor wanted Nathan to sleep next to her. He kept on getting up and Amor kept of pulling him to lay down. She laughed when he giggled. She kissed his hand as he felt her face. At times Nathan would put his arm around Amor, in the hug-to-sleep position. They must have played for about an hour.

It’s a scene I’ve long been waiting for my twins to exhibit.

Usually, what would happen is Amor normally tries to play with Nathan. She unintentionally becomes rough as she pulls him. In response, Nathan’s only way of defending himself from his perceived danger is by biting her. She would then shout or cry. Then Nathan’s sensory issues would kick in, because of Amor’s crying, and he’d become even more aggressive, then the vicious cycle would continue.

As I watched last night, I was waiting if I needed to intervene in case Nathan got irritated. It wasn’t necessary at all.

It’s day 7 out of 14 days of anti-biotics and anti-yeast treatment. The DAN doctor did day to expect better temper and less aggression. Let’s hope we solve a lot of issues with this treatment.